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ITEM 5.  Other Events.

            Incorporated  by reference is a press release  issued by the Company
on March 6, 2002, which is attached hereto as Exhibit 1.1.

ITEM 7.     Financial Statements, Pro Forma Financial Information and Exhibits.

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1.1         Press release issued by the Company on March 6, 2002




     Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934,
the Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

                                       CROSS COUNTRY, INC.

                                       BY:  /s/ Emil Hensel 
                                           Name: Emil Hensel
                                           Title: Chief Financial Officer

Date:  March 10, 2002



             Exhibit 1.1
Cross Country, Inc. Announces the Purchase of Jennings Ryan & Kolb, Inc.

BOCA RATON, FL, March 6, 2002/PRNewswire/ -- Cross Country, Inc. (Nasdaq: CCRN)
today announced the purchase, by its wholly owned subsidiary Cross Country
Consulting, Inc., of the stock of Jennings Ryan & Kolb, Inc., a healthcare
management consulting company, based in Atlanta, GA. The purchase price was
$3,750,000 including the assumption of $291,026 in debt. Half of the proceeds
were paid at closing and the remainder will be paid in the form of a three-year
earn-out. Jennings Ryan & Kolb's clients include many of the country's largest
health systems and hospitals, especially children's hospitals. Revenues for the
year ended December 31, 2001 were approximately $5.3 million. 

"This acquisition broadens the range of healthcare management consulting
services Cross Country provides today through its Cejka Consulting and
Gill/Balsano Consulting brands," said Joseph A. Boshart, Chief Executive Officer
and President. "Moreover, the integration of this business into Cross Country
will be complementary to our core businesses by allowing us to provide more
problem solving solutions to our hospital clients. We are also pleased to
announce that the entire Jennings Ryan & Kolb management team, and professional
and support staffs will be joining Cross Country."

Cross Country, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare staffing
services in the United States. The company has an active client base of over
3,000 hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare providers across
all 50 states. For more information on Cross Country, Inc., please go to 

This release contains forward-looking statements. Statements that are predictive
in nature,  that depend  upon or refer to future  events or  conditions  or that
include words such as "expects," "anticipates",  "intends", "plans", "believes",
"estimates",  and similar  expressions  are  forward-looking  statements.  These
statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that
may cause our actual results and performance to be materially different from any
future  results or  performance  expressed  or implied by these  forward-looking
statements.  These  factors  include the  following:  our ability to attract and
retain qualified nurses and other healthcare  personnel,  costs and availability
of short-term leases for our travel nurses,  demand for the healthcare  services
we  provide,  both  nationally  and in the  regions  in  which we  operate,  the
functioning  of our  information  systems,  the  effect  of  existing  or future
government   regulation  and  federal  and  state  legislative  and  enforcement
initiatives  on our business,  our clients'  ability to pay us for our services,
our  ability  to   successfully   implement  our   acquisition  and  development
strategies,  the effect of liabilities and other claims asserted against us, the
effect of competition in the markets we serve, and other factors set forth under
the caption "RISK FACTORS" in the Company's  Registration  Statement  filed with
the SEC dated February 27, 2002.

Although we believe that these statements are based upon reasonable assumptions,
we  cannot   guarantee   future   results.   Given  these   uncertainties,   the
forward-looking  statements  discussed  on this press  release  might not occur.
While it is the Company's intention to update its guidance quarterly,  it should
not be assumed that our silence over time means that actual events are occurring
as expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements.

The  forward-looking  statements  about the purchase of Jennings  Ryan & Kolb by
Cross  Country,  Inc.  are  based  on  management's  current  expectations.  The
statements included in this release are not guarantees of future performance.

For further information, please contact:
Brian Hekman, Director, Corporate Communications at 800-998-5187
Susan Eccher, Director, Investor Relations at 877-686-9779